Ruby (roobyloo) wrote,


Its been quite a crap week to be honest!
You know I was excited about seeing Morrissey? Well I went to see him on Friday in Camden and the whole gig was cancelled after 3 songs coz he was too ill to carry on. So so disappointed!! I know its not his fault as I think he had laryngitis but it had to happen the one time I go to see him lol. At least I got to see Russel Brand and Jonathan Ross there tho...they came on stage to make the announcement that he couldnt come back on.
Girl In A Coma were supporting and they were really good. They played 'Their Cell' which I LOVE, its one of my fave songs. So i guess it wasnt all bad!
Been having a bit of a down day today. Just stayed in bed all day. Such a waste of a day...oh well :)
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