Ruby (roobyloo) wrote,

Let me start by saying....I looooooove Britney's new album, its so good. If you havent heard it yet then HURRY UP coz its cheered me up loads lately!
Which is just as well coz things have been a bit crap over the past few weeks. Just havent felt like doing anything except stay in bed and write and read and i used to paint but i dont have any decent stuff to paint with left and i cant be arsed to go shopping. But I did go out for halloween (dressed as a cat lol). Lost my cat ears tho so I'm sad :(

Stuff with Luke is confusing me. Sometimes i wish i'd never got involved with him coz hes one huge headfuck. But the less said about him the better, I cant be bothered to talk about him. At least not til things are better anyway (if they get better)

Im off to watch some tv anyway. and maybe listen to the Britney album some more lol
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