Ruby (roobyloo) wrote,

Sorry for the lack of update. Have been having a really shit time lately, both my nan and my sister Kate are now in hospital (my nan had a bad fall and broke one of her legs and Kate has been taken in again after she tried to slit her wrists). Its so depressing. Everyone thought Kate was slowly getting better but shes just as sad and lonely as ever. I just want to make everything better for her and take away all the shit but I cant do that. I cant even sort myself out let alone her.

My other sister Dolly came round last week. It was a bit awkward as I didnt really feel like talking to her. She seems to be doing great while im stuck here. Its difficult hearing about her fabulous life, her friends, her flat, her course and how she hopes to apply to uni this year etc...I know Im just too fucked up to do or have any of those things.

Hmm this is depressing. Sorry everyone. Im gonna go and sleep now
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